Come Closer | Wizkid

I think in an earlier post I stated that I thought Brits were taking over in music (and really, many aspects of entertainment--acting, modeling, etc.).  However, I must now change that statement to say that international artists from all over are in fact dominating right now.  #Wizkid, a Nigerian singer/songwriter, is not new to the music game, but more recently he's becoming recognizable in the States.  After this collaboration with Drake, more recognition probably won't be too far off.  The track is definitely going to played in reggae spots and I could see it making it's way more mainstream.  Drake is keeping true to his new-found Jamaican roots *insert eye roll* and does what you can expect from Drake on this type of production.  Solid song that I wouldn't mind practicing some African dance moves to. 

Listen below:

Come Closer