GOD. | Kendrick Lamar

Well DAMN Kendrick! No pun intended.  The album releases of 2017 are just getting better and better and we're only in April! This whole project from the cover art, to the stylization of the track listings, and each song is pretty stellar.  I love when an artists puts together an album with some sort of concept and executes that as opposed to just throwing a bunch of hot songs together and calling it an album.  I don't think there was a track that I didn't like on the album but this was one of my favorites.  This song is an example of how you can make a conscious, thought-provoking track with a thumping beat.  Sometimes the true lyricists lose me when it comes to the production selections, but Kendrick has mastered the art.  This album is going to be in rotation for a while and I'm looking forward to seeing more visuals that are hopefully like the video for HUMBLE.  

Listen below: