Vitamin D | Ludacris feat. Ty Dolla $ign

It's been a little minute since we last heard from Ludacris.  He did have that last album, Ludaversal, come out in 2015, and I actually thought that album was pretty decent, but it never really popped like Luda's music used to.  It's funny though because I felt like that album was more reminiscent of the old Luda that I preferred over the music that most people associate with Ludacris.  This song feels like the old Luda, like the Luda that was also doing his Chris Luva Luva thing at the same time.  The one thing I would have changed on this song is to have Ty Dolla $ign singing the entire hook.  I never understand why rappers put a singer on their song, but then they decide to "sing" themselves.  However, the song is cool and he seems to be promoting the hell out of the song so it'll be interesting to see how well the song does. 

Listen below:

Vitamin D