Kill Jill | Big Boi feat. Killer Mike & Jeezy

Ok, I have been waiting on this song to drop since Big performed a snippet of the track at an Atlanta concert back in March.  It has not helped that he has been teasing us with the release of the track for the past two days.  The collaboration with Adam Levine dropped earlier today but that track really didn't do it for me.  It may end up being one of those songs that I go back to and falling in love with it, but for now, this is more my speed.  Featuring two Atlanta heavy-hitters in the rap game, Big Boi is leading off his upcoming solo project in a major way.  Production is banging and I find out that Killer Mike is responsible! Bravo Killer Kill! As an avid Big Boi fan, I'm all here for this song and what else is in store from the new album #Boomiverse.  

Listen below: