Pain Killer | Sarkodie feat. Runtown

Ghanians and Nigerians may never agree on who makes the best #jollof rice, but I think they would agree that this Ghanian-Nigerian collaboration on this song is nothing short of magical.  Upon hearing the infectious beat, I was instantly hooked.  Although the song has been out for a couple of months, this song may carry me through the summer as one of my summer jams.  Y'all can keep sleeping on these international acts all you want, but you're going to wish you had jumped on the bandwagon.  You don't even have to know know geographically where Ghana is to appreciate this song, which is one of the beautiful things about music.  It has the ability to reach across so many.   Do yourself a favor and check this song out, and I promise you'll be going through Sarkodie's extensive catalog.

Listen below: