Gilligan | D.R.A.M. feat. Juicy J & A$AP Rocky

If you were familiar with Juicy J before his Taylor Gang affiliation, you would likely appreciate this production within the first 3 minutes and know who deserves the production cred.  As a die-hard 3-6 fan in middle/high school, hearing that background "mafia" feels so nostalgic.  This is a cool track. Nothing to go too crazy over but also not necessarily skip-worthy.  I feel like people kind of slept on D.R.A.M.'s album and missed out on some pretty dope songs.  His style is definitely unconventional and I have a feeling we'll hear more from him soon.  It doesn't appear that this song is tied to an announced project, so maybe he's gearing up for another album release, although I feel like his debut album did just come out.  Either way, I appreciate that he's keeping his name and music out there and not trying to just ride the wave of a couple successful songs without putting out more. 

Listen below: