Should've Been | Zonnique

Officially re-branded from her girl group days, Zonnique is giving us a little taste of what we can now expect from her music persona on her EP Love Jones.  Some pretty decent cuts on the project with this one probably being my fave.  I think it's safe to say R&B has evolved over time and we are getting more of a hip-hop sound from singers on their works (see Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez, etc.), which I don't mind it since it fits into the state of music now.  It also make sense for Zonnique given who her mom is and the type of music that Xscape was killing the game with.  I didn't really care for the girl group that she was in but I was also grown when they were around so this sound is more what I like to hear.  The EP was cool enough for me to keep an ear out for Zonnique to see what else she has in store.  

Listen below: