Bonnie | Young M.A.

After having one of the biggest songs of 2016's final quarter, Young M.A. is finally back with some new music.  Beating the Friday releases to the punch, Young M.A. dropped her EP Herstory tonight. EP's are always my fave.  Just enough and not too much.  I still stand by my statements that Young M.A. and/or her team really dropped the ball with the fire that was lit after having such a banger in OOOUUU.  If the mass appeal is still there, I'm not sure that this project will help keep the flame going (if it even still exists) , but hopefully there's more to come..and soon.  Still getting my listening session in, but this song stuck to me instantly.  It's a cool 'ode to my shorty' type of record.  I don't think being able to actually rap will ever be a problem for Young M.A.  Unfortunately though, in the current musical climate, that oddly isn't enough sometimes. But, I could see this song being one of those low-key successful tracks that keeps her name buzzing.  

Listen below: