Love Galore | SZA feat. Travis Scott

Yes! More music from SZA.  An entire project from her may the most anticipated thing for 2017, at least around these parts.  #TDE is killing it right now.  Nice collaboration here between SZA & Travis Scott.  I haven't heard a song by SZA that I don't like and the trend is continuing.  I'm also really feeling the music that Travis Scott is making lately since the release of #BITTSBM.  With this Kendrick tour starting soon and Travis being on the lineup, it would be cool to see a live version of this.   I like her sound on this track and the production is equally dope.  Hell, even the album art is worth mentioning.  I always have a soft spot for a song whose production switches gears mid song...well when it's done correctly.  I'm hoping this release is a sign that her album CTRL is nearing.

Listen below: