Up | Desiigner

WHAAAT! This was literally my reaction when I heard that this track sampled one of my favorite songs from one of the greatest groups in rap history (IMO).  What song/group you ask? Tear Da Club Up by Three 6 Mafia.  I wish the producer would have utilized the sample a little more because once I got past the initial minute, the traces of the sample were almost nonexistent after that tease in the beginning.  Desiigner is hanging on to his newfound fame by a thread and his releases after Panda have been making it more and more difficult for him to hang on...at least in my world.  Desiigner released 3 separate tracks between last night and this morning so I would assume he's gearing up for the release of his first studio album, but based on what I've heard, can't say that I'll be checking for its release. 

Listen below: