Never Worried | YFN Lucci

On the birthday of his departed homie #Nut, Lucci dropped a mixtape today in his honor titled Long Live Nut.  If you're already a fan of #Lucci, then you would likely appreciate this project.  It's what you could expect from Lucci...some pretty dope beats and lots of story telling about his life and what he's been through.  This particular track is one of my favorites and I can see it having lots of street success that may or may not end up doing the same on radio. Apparently this track was released in early February, but with Everyday We Lit still making it's radio rounds, it may be a minute before another single is pushed. I'm curious to know if an actual album will be in store soon for Lucci as all of his releases to date have been mixtapes, although to me, it doesn't really make much of a difference. 

Listen below:

Never Worried