Glow Up | Mary J. Blige feat. Missy Elliot, DJ Khaled & Quavo

After the release of Love Lesson and given what's going on in Mary's personal life, I already knew what type of album she was about to give us with this Strength of a Woman release.  I haven't even gotten through all of those songs but it's definitely some heartbreak music and I figured that out just by looking at the track listings.  I like this track off the album. It's a dope song and these days, I'd much rather hear a song highlighting getting over the heartbreak than to hear about the heartbreak.  I normally hate when artists make a song based off a trendy saying (i.e., Souljah Boy's LOL Smiley Face), but Yo Gotti had me reconsidering after what he did with Down in the DM.  Missy and Quavo's verses were dope.  Could have done without Khaled, but I can't knock his hustle of collecting a check to shout a few words.  I think she should make this the next single.  I don't think the first one did very well (at least on the younger, urban stations) and I believe the rap features on this track would help this song go a little further.

Listen below: