Let Me Explain | Bryson Tiller


After riding off the success of his debut album Trapsoul during 2015-16, Bryson Tiller has been teasing that his new album was coming soon and today we get 3, maybe 4 new tracks from the Louisville singer.  This particular track stood out to me immediately and I'm glad to hear that he didn't completely switch up his sound from the first project.  This track was co-written by Timbaland and Missy (as well as Darius Barnes and B. Tiller himself) so how could the song not be dope?  The track has already been added to my faves and I think one of my favorite things about it is, like many of his songs, he's not afraid to talk about his slip ups and makes a love song not sound so corny.  It appears that the new album True to Self is also going to have some bangers and I, for one, cannot wait for its release.  Judging by the album art for all of the releases, Pen Griffey is continuing with the mystery because even after seeing him in concert, I still don't know what he really looks like.  Doesn't matter to me though, just keep coming with the hits!