Trash Bags | Snoop Dogg feat. K Camp


So when I heard Snoop was about to release a new album, I wasn't sure how I felt.  Then, when I saw that he had this single with K Camp, I was even more unsure.  When I heard the production on this track, I was taken aback.  This track has K Camp's sound written all over it.  If you were looking for the classic west coast Snoop Dogg sound, this may not be the track for you.  I love it though.  A lot of the current west coast production sounds kind of boring to me so this was refreshing.  The track definitely has more of a trap song feel, but it's cool.  Sometimes, you have to keep up with the times to keep current.  Snoop is still giving you his flow, but I think a lot of the way back Snoop fans may be disappointed.  I was never a die-hard fan, but as someone who appreciated his music growing up, I think the different sound works for him.  We'll see if the new album Neva Left has more of this current sound or the classic Snoop Dogg as the album is scheduled to drop next Friday, May 19th.