Butterfly Effect | Travis Scott


Out of nowhere, Travis Scott released three new tracks last night. Out of the three, this one is definitely my favorite.  The production is major part of the appeal of the track for me.  Murda Beatz is somebody that I've recently heard of and I don't think I've heard production from him that wasn't knocking.  He's officially on my radar.  This track is giving me a lot of the same vibes as most of the songs from Birds in the Trap Sing Brian McKnight, which was an album that I absolutely loved so that lets you know how I feel about this song.  I'm not sure if this track is hinting at a new project or if they're just throwaways, but keep em coming Travis.  As he's gearing up to appear with Kendrick on the #DAMNTour, I wouldn't be surprised if we get more songs as we get closer to the tour kickoff in July.