Weekend | Letoya Luckett

With the release of her new album, Back 2 Life, this past Friday, I figured I'd check the album out.  Some of the songs were a little blah to me, but this particular track instantly had me.  Besides this being a little art imitating life for me right now, it's super dope production and I like how her vocals sound on the track.  Cute, fun track that I could surely ride to.  I couldn't find the production credits for the song, but kudos to whoever is responsible.  There are some others on the album that are also worthy of mention..."Loving You" & "Used To" will also get some repeat spins from me. Good to see Letoya is still making music and it'll be interesting to see if any of the songs make it to radio because the previously released "Back 2 Life" got some video plays, but I had never heard it on any of the stations I frequently listen to.  Unfortunately, this song is nowhere online so you'll have to listen via Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music.  I need her promo team to step it up as far as exposure goes because you should be able to google a song and at a very minimum find an audio version of it on Vevo.