Top Looking Down | Yo Gotti x Meek Mill


On the heels of the announcement of a joint tour, we get new music from Yo Gotti and Meek Mill  and it's kind of making me want to make sure I'm present for this tour.  As expected with these two as artists, the production is banging and pretty infectious.  Both Gotti and Meek held their own on the track and this song is giving me summer smash vibes.  I wonder if the two will be dropping more music together.  It looks like the track is officially categorized as a Yo Gotti song featuring Meek, but I feel like we just got that #CM9 (White Friday) from Gotti so not sure if this is going to be included on any particular project or just tour promo.  Either way, it's a dope song all around and if you are a fan of either artist, you should appreciate the track.