Strip That Down | Liam Payne x Quavo


Is it me, or are all of the members of One Direction releasing their solo music all at the same time? It's almost like they're intentionally competing with each other.  After the recent releases from Harry Styles and Niall Horan, we now have a new single from Liam Payne.  Judging from the lyrics of this song, it appears that One Direction is no more and they're all seeing what they can do solo.  This is a cool song that is giving me throwback Justin Timberlake vibes.  The track has a pop feel but you also get a hint of hip-hop.  I just have to keep commending Quavo on not only how many different features he's on, but also the variety of artists that are choosing to work with him.  I believe this song is going to have the One Direction effect of being played everywhere, probably one too many times.  Nice, fun track that makes me curious to hear more from Liam to see if this sound is going to be his official sound.