Every Kind Of Way | H.E.R.


After releasing a follow up EP to their debut H.E.R. Volume 1 with the appropriately titled Volume 2 a few weeks ago, this song was released yesterday.  Strangely enough, I'm no longer seeing Volume 2 on Tidal so I'm not sure if the inconspicuous artist(s) decided to scrap the whole Volume 2 project and release this as a single to what will be a new version of Volume 2.  I don't recall this particular track being on Volume 2 when I listened a couple weeks ago.  Volume 2 didn't give me the feels like Volume 1 and this particular track did so that is completely plausible that a new version of Volume 2 could be soon come.  I really dig the whole vibe of this song and the is going on my special playlist.  I also think the mystery of the artist adds to the appeal of the music, well at least for me.  I'll have to have both eyes and ears out for more releases since there never really is any promo involved here.