Crying in the Club | Camila Cabello


When this former Fifth Harmony group member decided to go solo, I must say I wasn't really feeling her only because I felt the way the exit happened was a little messy.  I've heard her featured on quite a few songs lately and I knew it was a matter of time before her solo projects started to drop.  Even from her group days, I could tell she was talented and she did always have that something about her that stood out from some of the other members of the group.  This song was her official first release as a solo artist and what a way to reintroduce yourself.  This is such a dope song that can fit into the pop, reggae and maybe even R&B category.  After performing at the #BBMAs on Sunday, another song was released which is a little more on the ballad side.  This one is definitely my favorite of the two and I think she should stick with this sound.  With her album slated to drop in the fall of this year, that's a little ways to go so I think we'll get a couple more releases so I can officially decide how I feel about the solo Camila.  So far, pretty good.