Hurt A N!**@ Feelings | Gucci Mane


So earlier today, we got an announcement that Gucci was dropping a new mixtape to commemorate his release from prison one year ago that was going to be produced than none other Metro Boomin'.  Of course, everybody's interest immediately peeked, especially once Young Metro was mentioned.  Gucci then released the tracklist for the project and this single so of course, the anticipation increased.  If I'm being honest, which is my specialty, all of Gucci's releases have been a little meh to me and I've only liked a total of about 3 songs from each release.  I'm hoping this new project titled #DropTopWop won't have that same effect on me.  I'm digging this track so I'm going to keep hope alive.  Gucci is one of those artists that'll always command my attention and I'll always give his music a listen, I'm just hoping that more tracks will get more spins from me beyond the initial listen. 

Hurt A Nigga Feelings