Intruder | Takeoff


Ummmm....which one of y'all said Takeoff was Michelle?! Take it back right now! First off, the production selection is absolutely stupid (of course in a good way).  OG Parker showed out with this one here.  I mean, as soon as the beat drops, I wish you could have seen the look on my face.  You have no choice but to make the ugly face.  Then Takeoff comes in with that signature sound and follows through with immaculate and well-placed ab libs.  This song is really something.  People have been quick to downplay Takeoff and what he brings to the #Migos but I think after hearing this you can actually tell he may been an integral part and mastermind to some of their songs.  The song is also the perfect length to introduce us to solo-Takeoff.  It looks like all 3 members are going to take a stab at the solo route and the way it's looking, they all may be just as successful as a trio.