My Man | Tamar Braxton

After the crazy year she had last year, Tamar is back with new music.  As someone that will still break out in loud, obnoxious song when Love and War comes on, I was excited to hear there was new music, especially since that last album didn't really do it for me.  I'm conflicted on how I feel about this song.  The lyrics/message, I definitely like and hell, can relate to, but musically, the track just felt lackluster.  Tamar's vocals sound amazing per usual, but it just feels like something was missing with production.  Based on the Braxton Family Values show, it seems as the album may tentatively be complete so the fact that this was chosen as the lead off single leaves me apprehensive about how the rest of the album will sound.  I'm also thinking maybe it was strategic given that the album art is a real art imitating life moment, maybe her and her team are feeling like the controversy behind that will garner more interest than the song itself.  Still ready to hear more from the other Ms. Braxton.

Listen below: