Xantastic | B.O.B. feat. Young Thug

Okay, so B.O.B. has never been known for making the conventional, stereotypical hip-hop, so when this track originally began playing, it wasn't immediately a cause of concern.  I actually like the production.  But, as the track progressed with Young Thug taking the lead with his verse, I became more and more puzzled.  Now, I've been very open and unashamed about my fandom of Young Thug, even being the weirdo that he is, but this is just too much.  Then B.O.B.'s verse began and it didn't get better as I hoped.  Everything from the content to the overuse of autotune just seems so out of B.O.B's musical character.  I'm all for switching up one's sound, but this is just not a good song.  With a new album, Ether, scheduled to drop next week, I'm still going to give it a listen because I've always liked B.O.B.  I'm curious is the entire album is going to be going in this direction because I think even the die-hards may be a little disappointed. 

Listen below: