F.B.G.M. | T-Pain x Young M.A.


I've been trying to figure out when was the last time T-Pain came out with a project (not counting the recently released T-Wayne) since he was on the radio with either his own song or a feature about 5 times a day.  That was damn near 10 years ago and we haven't heard much from T-Pain in a while.  I'm sure he's been behind the scenes writing and/or producing, but his contribution to music as an artist is undeniable so I've been waiting for some real T-Pain music to drop.  He seems to be back with this song here and I'm here for it.  Obviously the message is right up my alley and he's definitely sticking to the sound that put him on the map.  With a solid feature from Young M.A., hopefully this song can get the proper radio-approved treatment because I could see it being played throughout the whole summer.