I'm A Fan | Pia Mia x Jeremih


It's crazy, when I initially saw the title of this song pop up in my new music the other day, I jokingly said to myself, "that'd be funny if this was the same song."  Then the music started playing, and I noticed the production sounded strangely familiar as well.  Then the vocals start and I literally was shocked.  The song is just about the same song as a song of the same name by Nigerian artist, Phyno that was released sometime last year.  Now, don't get me wrong, if I had never heard the Phyno version, I probably would have loved this.  Pretty much every mainstream release Pia has had, I've liked so this wouldn't have been any different.  I'm sure this was a matter of a producer/songwriter giving the song to Phyno, that situation not working out and then selling the song to Pia Mia, maybe not knowing that Phyno did in fact use the song on his album.  Or, it could be a situation where Pia Mia's team figured because it was a Nigerian artist, no one in America would recognize the connection between the two songs.  Either way, I'll probably play this one back a few times, but the original is still my fave.