Think About Me | dvsn

Listen below

OVO's talent lineup is crazy right now and musically, #dvsn is probably one of my favorites from the label.  A friend of mine put me on to their first album, Sept. 5th, sometime last year and shoutout to her for that!  The Canadian duo is back with new music and I'm still here for it all.  The production on this song is so my speed...a smooth sound with some knock to it.  Then, we get to the content of the song and I'm even more hooked.  I think anyone who has ever been in and back out of love could identify with the song.  With the release of their debut album officially being a year ago, I'm hoping that this is a sign they'll be dropping a lot more music or another project in 2017.  This one will hold me over for a while, but I'm definitely on the lookout for more.