Kush | Organized Noize feat. 2 Chainz & Joi

Listen below

As someone that was partially raised by Organized Noize & the Dungeon family, my obsession with them was rejuvenated after the release of their Netflix documentary.  I think immediately after its release, there was buzz that new music would be coming from the legendary, production trio.  The EP Organized Noize was released this past Friday and this particular track was released as a single a couple weeks before the release.  Not quite sure if this EP is a small sampling of an album that's to come later, but I was left disappointed.  This track is probably my favorite, but I'm not even that big of a fan of it.  I'm glad to see that Joi (and even Scar) is still around, but like this song, the playlist just didn't really feel like the Organized Noize I remember...even some of the production.  They will always be legendary to me so I will always have a listening ear for anything they release, but this particular EP just wasn't it for me.