Broken Clocks | SZA


If you don't like SZA, you may want to unsubscribe to this site ASAP because I will likely post any and all of her music that is released.   Sorry, she's just that dope to me.  For so long, it felt like her debut album was a unicorn and one of those things that we would never see.  As the projected release date of June 9th gets closer and closer, we get another single release which makes her fandom feel like this album is actually happening.  This track is officially dropping tonight at midnight, but we know release dates/times aren't really sacred anymore so of course, the track is available early.  As with the previous releases, I'm feeling this song and I feel like I can tell what the vibe of the album is going to be and I'm ready.  Her sound is so infectious and the content of her music, like this song, always resonates so well with me.  One more week and we'll get to see what the rest of #CTRL has to offer.