Free Me | Sia


I've heard this song about half a dozen times since its release this past Friday.  Although I initially liked the song on the first listen, each time I've heard the song since, I've loved it more and more.  It's strange, I really haven't heard a Sia song that I didn't like.  Actually, I don't know why that's strange because she really does make some good music.  This is a song that will likely take you back to a place where you may have had less happier times but by the end you can't help but feel like that freeing moment is soon coming.  Apparently the song is not necessarily to keep us warm for a new Sia project, but in fact a charity song to benefit HIV which makes me love the song even more.  Sia is definitely a talent and her vocals shine more through this song than I've heard in her previous works.  Whether you like the mystery behind her or not, I think you could agree that she has made some dope music that captures you even when you're not expecting it.