Weekend | SZA


Okay, now I have reviewed a few songs from SZA's new release #CTRL so I told myself that I wouldn't do anymore tracks from the new album but this particular song is worth mentioning for a couple of  reasons.  The first reason is because musically, the track is amazing.  From the production, to her vocals, to the melody, it is put together so well.  The second reason it is worth mentioning, is because of the track's content.  It is a good discussion piece, especially in this day and age which often times seems like the age of the side chick...and their pride behind being a side chick.  I myself felt torn by the song because I love the way it sounds, but the message of sharing a man personally doesn't sit well with me. However, some genius on twitter pointed out, you may not have had commas to eff up but doesn't stop you from rocking to Future's hit.  The track is definitely on repeat over here despite how I feel morally about it.