Relationship | Young Thug x Future


So I've been digesting this Thug album #EBBTG since its release this past Friday.  He had been giving lots of teasers and hints that this wouldn't be the typical Thugger album so I wasn't expecting the norm but didn't quite know what to expect.  I can't say that I've gotten through the entire album but from what I've heard, I prefer more of the Barter 6 Thug, though there are some tracks on the album that I do like.  This particular track is one of them.  Instantly, I liked it, but it definitely has grown more and more on me with each listen, which may be the case for the whole body of work.  I would like to hear more between Future and Thug and I know they've shown several snippets of themselves in the studio together.  Logically, I would imagine all that time wasn't spent for this one track so I'm sure there's more in the vault.  If you've complained about not being able to linguistically understand Thug, this project may be more suitable for you, but I don't think this will be the project to covert non-fans.