Liife | Desiigner x Gucci Mane


Desiigner out here trying to show that he's more than the #Panda song and beyond a one-hit wonder.  This track dropped earlier today and surprisingly, I don't mind it, which is more than I can say for a majority of the tracks on his mixtape New English.  This toned down sound is such more appeasing to my ears and with the Gucci feature, it's definitely a track that I like and could find myself bumping more than once.  Gucci rode the track nicely and the production is equally nice.  There have been talks of an album on the way, and although we have a name for the album (The Life of Desiigner), I haven't heard anything about a release date.  Hopefully, they'll be more of this sound on the album.  With his connection to GOOD Music, there's potential for a nice, solid project.