American Gold | TLC


I have been hesitant about listening to new TLC music because I want to remember them as the trio that I loved growing up. I finally decided to give this track a listen and I wish I had stuck with my initial instinct.  I know the ladies are older than when I used to jam to them and artists often want to show that they have evolved artistically, but this song is not doing it at all for me.  I feel like if they were going to make a comeback after all these years, they should have come back with a vengeance.  Specifically, with a track that makes you dance.  It's like they were shooting for the Waterfalls vibe with this song, but it falls way short.  Somehow I missed the initial single release, a song with Snoop that I like a little more, but it still didn't have me sold on this reboot.  I will still give the album a listen when it comes out this Friday (June 30th) but I won't be holding my breath for that nostalgic feeling.