Down | Fifth Harmony x Gucci Mane


Good to see Fifth Harmony hasn't let going from 5 to 4 hasn't effected their grind.  I think this may be their first release since technically being Fourth Harmony and they haven't missed a beat with this.  My favorite podcaster #Kidfury called the song Work From Home 2 (lol) and I'm fine with that.  This is definitely one of those songs that is destined to be all over the airwaves and with the Gucci feature it may even make it's way to more urban, hip-hop stations.  Must give a nod to Gucci and his verse.  He definitely is Gucci 2.0 with this verse and he fit into the song (surprisingly) so perfectly.  I'm rooting for the group to keep pushing forward, mainly because I think Normani is everything and they actually make pretty good music.