Breathe | India Arie


Just when I thought India Arie was done with music, I was surprised with this release today.  It took a second to discover this release since at the moment #444 has been taking over all of my listening devices.  I was probably one of the biggest India Arie fans from 2001 until about '06.  Like, I was obsessed.  A lot of these songs take me back to the sound from the Acoustic Soul album.  This particular sound musically definitely reminds me of the classic Indie Arie sound and the message of this song is so relevant for the state of the country and the world right now.  Apparently this track was released sometime last year, but I never came across it before.  It's obvious that the track was inspired by many of the things happening that gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement.  She's always had a way to give you a positive message and make you think.  I'm glad to see that she's still going.  I'm not sure if this project qualifies as an EP or an album because I've seen that she is expected to release an album this year titled Worthy.  Whatever it is, I'm glad to hear that she hasn't tried to switch up her sound.