To The Max | DJ Khaled x Drake


So the Drake vocals finally came in and the suspense can now end about what Khaled was about to do with those vocals.  The production on this track kind of feels all over the place like Asahd really did produce it, but it's decent.  After my initial listen, I didn't really know how I felt about the song so I immediately had to listen again.  Upon my second listen, I think I like the song.  I mean, what Drake does with those infamous vocals can turn just about any song likable.  The track just feels like it's missing something, but I can't really put my finger on it.  Since it's both Drake and Khaled and we've all been waiting on these vocals to come in, the song will surely garner the attention that Drake and Khaled are accustomed to.  I will still stand by my original statements that the majority of Khaled executed songs don't really do it for me and this is no exception.  His tracks usually grow more on me after the 20th listen.  Khaled is batting 1000 for the cover art of these last few releases though.