Sorry Not Sorry | Demi Lovato


Ok then Demi! I am loving everything about this new song she has released today.  Although I have been an unexpected fan of the last few releases by Demi, I must say that I am loving this new sound she has on this track.  You can tell from the lyrics on the track and the message of the song that she is on her grown woman vibe.  The production is also pretty impeccable.  This song is what we call a hit ladies and gentleman.  I could hear this track venturing in markets that some of her previous songs may not have been able to make it in, specifically more of the urban market.  I also like how she has been able to make the transition to this image without it seeming so forced unlike with a lot of child stars.  Apparently she has a new album coming and this is the first single release from it.  I really want to know if this is the sound we can expect from the entire album because if so, sign me up for the pre-order.