Big B's | Chance the Rapper x Young Thug


After the confusion this week about #SoundCloud potentially going away, Chance the Rapper quickly stated his willingness to make sure that doesn't happen.  SoundCloud reassured everyone that they weren't going anywhere and to help make that statement official, Chance and Young Thug exclusively released their collab on the streaming platform.  The production on the track is dope and this is the type of production that gives us some of Young Thug's best work, in my opinion.  The two have collaborated before on a song I love from Chance's mixtape Coloring Book and so far, their streak continues.  The two actually make pretty good music together.  Chance switches up his flow a little bit mid-verse and I like.  This track is going to be in rotation around this way for a minute, I just hope it gets released on other platforms soon, no shade to SoundCloud.  It's just easier to have all of my music in one place.