Back to You | Louis Tomlinson x Bebe Rexha x Digital Farm Animals


These One Direction alum aren't letting up anytime soon.   All of the former members have officially gone solo and released their own music as a lead/solo artist.  With the exception of Zayn, I feel like the rest of the band mates are making similar music in the pop genre.  Zayn's music sounds  a little more R&B to me, but the sound definitely works for each individual respectively.  The song is decent...I think I was expecting something a little more.  I like the feature touch that Bebe Rexha adds to the song, but I honestly can't really distinguish between Louis and the other feature Digital Farm Animals (which is only one person btw).  I know he's more known for production and songwriting, but it seems as if he's given vocal credit on the track but I can't tell you what's him and what's Louis.  I could see this track getting some air play because it is one of those songs that after the 100th listen, you'll find yourself liking it, even though you may have been unsure before.