FDN | Dreezy


Dreezy has been consistently dropping some dope tracks over the past year and even though she's not been given her due credit (in my opinion), she just keeps the music coming.  I stumbled upon her first album release, No Hard Feelings, and I was pleasantly surprised even though I hadn't really heard of her.  My surprise wasn't necessarily in the music, it was more about the fact that she was hot and there wasn't really a whole lot of buzz around her.  Her single with Jeremih did get a lot of airplay so the mainstream market slowly seems to be waking up. This song is definitely under the category of female anthems as probably 99% of chicks can identify with some part of the track, if not all.  Production is also dope and the album art is pretty hard too.  Even though the track was just released this past Friday, it was playing in last night's episode of #Insecure on HBO so that's a huge look for her.  Hopefully, more people will begin to take notice and realize there's room for more than 2 chicks in the female hip-hop game.