Marmalade | Macklemore x Lil Yachty


I never thought I'd blog about multiple songs from Macklemore, but this song was too hot not to mention.  Even though I found myself surprisingly liking the first single release, Glorious, this song is way more my speed. This is probably the most hip-hop I've heard a Macklemore song.  The production is also so appropriate for the feature, Lil Yachty as a lot of his music has this playful sound to it.  I also actually didn't mind his verse, it was just enough to compliment the song, as a proper feature should.  In usual Macklemore fashion, this is a song that could be played across various genres and in different markets.  Between the two single releases, I'm actually really interested in hearing the new album.  I haven't seen or heard a tentative release date so there may be another single coming before the actual album drops.