Pere | DaVido x Rae Sremmurd x Young Thug


DaVido is back with new music while his latest release, #If, is still doing numbers both in Africa and abroad here in the States.  With this new song, he's clearly trying to expand his appeal and he will certainly gain more exposure with these features for this new track.  Fun fact: DaVido was actually born in Atlanta before his parents moved back to Nigeria while he was still young.  I've been trying to find what the meaning of Pere is but my search has been unfruitful.  Not that it really matters but with it being the title of the song, I kinda wanted to know he was talking about as it is said throughout the song.  Knowing the meaning likely won't change how I feel about the song...and that's slight disappointment.  I feel like with these features from American artists and the potential to gain even more American interest, DaVido should have stuck with the Afro beat sound.  Putting how I feel about most DJ Mustard productions aside, this was his time to show why he's such a superstar back home in Nigeria.  I'm sure what he's aiming for with this track will work since it is a song that I can imagine could (and probably will) be played across the urban market here.  Hopefully this isn't a permanent sound that he's going for and I hope he gets back to the sound that all his day one fans are accustomed to.