Perfect | Dave East x Chris Brown


Dave East is one of those artists, like many of these newer rappers, that I've heard of and see a lot on social media blogs, but I could not name one song by him.  Today, that changes.  This track with him and Chris Brown dropped and I'm feeling it.  The production is dope and Chris starts the track off right.  Dave's verses bring the perfect flow to the song, no pun intended.  It seems that this track is listed to be on an album titled, Paranoia, but no information about a potential release for the project and if it'll be an album or another mixtape.  I really like this song.  However, I miss the days when singers weren't so direct and vulgar.  Chris starts singing, I'm getting all into it, then I immediately start clutching my pearls.  That aside, I think this is a good single and may gain more exposure for Dave East.