Only You | Rotimi


It seems like many artists these days don't just have one craft that they're pursuing and I'm not mad at it. Many people likely recognize the name Rotimi as Dre from the hit show Power.  Some may have also known that he was into music, and if you didn't know before, he's making sure you do now with the release of his new EP, Jeep Music, Vol. 1.  It was smart of him to release this project while the show is currently in season and at its height of popularity.  This song is one of eight tracks on the EP and is a good showing of what you can expect from the project.  A mixture of R&B and hip-hop, but not hip-hop in the sense that he's rapping, but just the sound of the production and his style of delivery.  I just learned that he's signed to G-Unit and I'm curious if that came before or after being on Power since 50 Cent is a producer on the show as well.  I've seen a little buzz about the project and it's definitely worth checking out as there are quite a few gems on the project.