Hurtin' Me | Stefflon Don x French Montana


I stumbled upon this song yesterday and lately I'm all about listening to artists that I've never heard of or heard music from.  This new approach has been introducing me to so many dope artists and music that I probably would have never come across otherwise.  This artists is British, but she is of Jamaican descent so she gives you a dope and interesting sound.  This track definitely has the reggae vibe but it has a slight different sound than the reggae that I'm accustomed to.  As I was gathering more information about her, it seems that she is a rapper, but this particular track, I hear more singing than rapping which also works.  She has a nice voice and that coupled with the production on the track makes for a nice, catchy dance song.  With a feature from French, her exposure should definitely increase and I could certainly hear this song playing in many functions.