Real Deal | Jessie J


Jessie J is one of those artists that doesn't get nearly enough of the credit that she deserves in the music game.  I think most industry insiders recognize her for the vocal ability that she has, but even despite having a couple mainstream hits, I feel like the general public either don't know or recognize the talent that she has.  It appears that she is gearing up for a new album as this new song was released yesterday on #NewMusicFriday.  The song is cool and the hook is pretty catchy.  If you have no idea what Jessie J's vocal range is like, this song won't necessarily introduce you to it.  I don't think I've ever heard a bad song from her and this track makes me feel no different, even though it's not my fave.  It is enough to anticipate the release of more to come or a new album, if that's the direction that she's headed.