Angel | Fifth Harmony


It seems like with every release, Fifth Harmony is getting more and more hip-hop/urban, and I like it.  It's also evident that the direction that they're wanting their music to go in is on the more grown-up end.  When the track starts, the song sounds like a typical pop song, but the bass drops and it turns into something else.  I was pleasantly surprised by the sound, and I hope they keep going in this direction.  I think it fits them and expanding their audience to the more adult crowd is a good look for them.  They've had a couple single releases in preparation for their new album, Fifth Harmony, and I think this is my favorite of them.  The new album is scheduled to be released in about 2 weeks so I'm interested to hear if this sound is present throughout the project. I think they have a pretty core fan base but this type of music will help it expand a little further.