Silence | Marshmello x Khalid


The growing trend of DJs/producers releasing their own singles and albums featuring music's top acts is holding steady.  Marshmello is an #EDM producer/DJ and though he's been known to offer his own remix to a song, he has also cultivated many collabs as well.  This is one of the latest releases I discovered featuring newcomer, Khalid.  Khalid's young voice is so intriguing, I think it would sound good on just about anything.  The track is an EDM track that has a slightly more mellow sound than a lot of other EDM songs I'm used to hearing.  I like the song and I could see it doing very well.  EDM is already infectious, so Khalid's voice on the track just helps add to that.  EDM definitely has its own lane that this track would probably fit in, but because it's a little more watered down, I could hear the song doing well in other genre markets also.