Ego | Ella Eyre x Ty Dolla $ign


English singer-songwriter, Ella Eyre, is not necessarily new to the game as she has been making waves for a few years now in the UK and surrounding markets.  With a feature from current hitmaker, Ty Dolla $ign, she's sure to start getting more attention in the US with this single.  The track is a pretty quintessential pop song with production that captures you instantly and should draw enough interest to make you give the track a chance.  Although this is the first song I'm hearing from the artist, I can tell that her vocals are dope.  I noticed that neo-soul is listed as one of her genres on her wiki page, so I'm definitely going to comb through some of her older music to find a track where her vocals are more on display.  I hope they have a video coming soon because I think that'll help catapult the song and have the song spinning here and abroad.